November 11, 2006

ASD is known as Advaita Siddanta Dharmasala.
Register under Malaysian ROS in the name of Advaita Siddanta Dharmasala , MALAYSIA


It Objectives are as follows:

1.The ASD ( the ashram ) is to Foster Hindu solidarity
2. To provide under privileged Hindu young
To propagate Sanatana Dharma

How to Contact Us

This website is a public service of Advaita Siddanta Dharmasala. to make available the timeless truths of the Sanatana Dharma, our great Hindu religion, to the people of the world. Please make use of the contact information below so that we may answer your questions and serve you as best we can. Thank you.

For all questions about Hinduism, to contact Swamiji for the first time and for all questions/concerns about this website:
NOTE: Please make certain your E-mail address is correct. If it is not, we will not be able to respond to your inquiry. email address emurugiah1@yahoo.com

For information about visiting the ASD Ashram:
E-mail: emurugiah1@yahoo.com

You may also write to:
Advaita Siddanta Dharmasala

No 9, Jalan Bunga Raya 3,
Indian Settlement, 68100 Batu Caves,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Or Tel: (006) 03-61866744,

Handphone : (006) 012 2100023

The Advaita Siddanta Dharmasala ( The Ashram), there are now four under privileged boys, two are lifetime monks and two were given the brahmachariya diksha under the care and guidance of His Holiness Devaji Dandanatha Swami. Swamiji had spent two years under the guidance and grace of a Sage Varada Raju in Bukit Gasing Sivan Temple. Swamiji learned mystical point of yoga and was instructed that at the age 45, he would be establish a Siva Ashram and joyfully serve Lord Siva. Swamiji is also a monk of His Holiness Sat Guru Sivaya Subramuniya Swami of Kauai Adheenam of Hawaii, USA for seven years.

The Ashram is currently being managed by a group of society member.

Currently Swamiji is conducting classes on Hindu philosophies, Saivite Metaphysics, creed and catechism on every Tuesday night and Yoga classes every Sunday morning.
The Ashram also is currently conducting three kala puja everyday and devotees are welcome to participate in all our puja and other activities.

All our various activities are being held for the betterment of the Indian Society at large. Our primary focus, nevertheless, is on enhancing the education / moral standards of our children so that they could become gems of our Society in future. We are also planning to establish a Saivite Monastery, a Veda Pada and kindergarten fro Hindu children, concentrating on doctrine such as Thirukural, Athicudi, Saivite Academics of Hinduism. We are therefore seeking your kind cooperation in supporting and establishing our Ashram. We fervently hope that everyone would participate in creating this Ashram for a good purpose: to help the Indian Society and to promote and educate Hindus and Sanathana Dharma.    

The purpose of the Ashram Mission:

1. Fullness of mission lies in our faith of three pillars, Temple, Scriptures and Guru which we vow to protect, preserve and promote.

2. To wholeheartedly and boldly support the ancient Sanathana Dharma against all who would infiltrate, dilute and destroy, while defending all the Hindu sects.

3. To regards ourselves as the fulltime devoted slaves of Siva, servant of the sevant of the Lord Siva.

4. To observe and follow the Hindu holy days every and fire ceremony on every Nakshitra of Thiruvathurai.

5. To observe and train all the youth and adults the importance of Pranayama, Yoga and Meditations.

6. To conduct classes on Hinduism, Hindu Philosophy, saivite Metaphysics, creed and catechism and devaram classes for the benefit of the Hindus.

7. To uplift and develop moral ethics and inspire spirituality.

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